The Faculty of Sociology-Social Work-South East Asian Studies was formed in June 2011 by the merger of two faculties: the Faculty of South East Asian Studies and the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work.

– The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work was established in May 1992 under the name of the Faculty of Women Studies, which was changed to the Faculty of Sociology in 2003, and then to the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work in March 2010.

– The Faculty of Southeast Asian Studies was founded in 1991.

1. Academic staff

The Faculty’s teaching staff have received training from outstanding international universities in USA, France, England, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam and possessed diverse teaching styles. In addition, the Faculty members have participated in a variety of practical activities implemented by different projects/programs on community development, counseling psychology, social research, and they have also built good relationship with the Consulates of South-East Asia countries in Ho Chi Minh city.

2. Forms of Education

  • 1/ Sociology
  • 2/ Social Work
  • 3/ Southeast Asian Studies

Currently, the Faculty organizes training for three different forms: formal education, on-the-job education, and distance education.